• Solanté, a lightweight, robust and easy-to-install commercial solar racking system overcomes many of the
    challenges of commercial roof types, and greatly expands the number of roofs in which solar technology can be utilized.
  • Innovation and strategy are inseparable in the hyper competitive solar market. Overlay our experts with your sales
    and marketing team to sharpen and refine your new market entry, product launch and go-to-market plans.
  • With more than 35 years of combined experience in residential solar sales, and all aspects of installation and project management,
    Enable Energy can provide the highest quality "white-label" construction teams to enhance your residential solar business.
  • We know how to secure critical project and technology funding for our clients and advance the
    policy dialogue essential to the future of the renewable energy space.

From the Blog

Fast Moving Technology Company – Enable Energy

Guest SARTA blog post by Hailey Vincent, Copywriter and Kate Moore, Multimedia Director Photography, Uptown Studios

Bringing ideas to fruition–this is something local firm Enable Energy goes above and beyond achieving for itself and for its clients. At less than a year old, this clean technology invention and sustainability consulting firm, based out of Auburn, has grown quickly and efficiently with a bright future ahead.

After participating in the rapid expansion of Paramount Solar, Todd Lindstrom, principal of Enable Energy, saw an opportunity to start something fresh. After connecting with former colleague Eric Hafter, the two co-founded Enable Energy to bring that opportunity to life.


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