Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Enable Energy is that we all do well by doing “good”. It is this core value that our business is founded on. Focusing on renewable energy and sustainability, we strive to do our part to help change the way the world is powered, preserve our natural resources and protect the environment for the future.

Solar Project Development

We believe clean, renewable solar electricity is an essential component of the future of energy generation. With over 35 years of combined construction and industry experience and over 225 MW of PV solar installations, the Enable team can fully execute on both residential and commercial solar projects. We handle every aspect of installation—including engineering and design, construction, and monitoring. With recognized industry leaders in both finance and technology on our team, Enable Energy accurately determines system sizes, analyzes production and ROI, and integrates project-financing options. We are constantly evaluating existing equipment and developing new technology for our installations, ensuring that we are always in step with the most current practices.